Joe Maloney Featured in Bruce Springsteen's 'Party Lights'

Jone Maloney's series, Asbury Park & The Jersey Shore, c. 1979 featured in Bruce Springsteen's new music video.

"Late, electric, raking sun cut swathes of scenery into patterns sewn together by streets and parks populated by pleasure seekers, poseurs, and other characters caught up in what Bruce Springsteen sang as “this runaway American Dream.” Maloney’s exploration of the Jersey Shore and in particular Asbury Park is fueled by the urge to discover something immediate, concrete and candid within the artifice of the resort town culture. At their heart, these are rock ‘n’ roll pictures, neither glamourous nor naive but hallucinatory and street wise, rebellious but respectful of the world that came before. Maloney and his peers shared a rampant desire to go beyond the photographers that came before but to bring with them the lessons they learned at a time when it seemed few cared."