Kate Joyce's Soliloquies featured online in Ain't Bad Magazine

Soliloquies is a collection of color photographs made between 2008-2013. The photographs are drawn from an ongoing daily practice to discover emotional truths and fundamental qualities animating my work. I photograph the people, places and things that surround me. The photographic encounters are unplanned and impulsive. I sift and sequence my work intuitively based on compositional rhythms and imaginative narratives. As I review larger groupings of my photographs over time, they appear not only to be of the visual world but also aligned with qualities and experiences I have difficultly expressing in any other way. Recurring themes emerge – whimsy, anonymity, tenderness, solitude. The title of this body of work refers to a theatrical technique defined when a character speaks aloud to oneself allowing the audience to glimpse their inner thoughts and feelings. The photographs in this series are inner dialogues with the outer world.

–Kate Joyce

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