Recent Paintings



MARCH 24–JULY 29, 2016

Alyse Rosner’s recent paintings from 2015 represent a further exploration into her unique confluence of natural form with graphic gestural fluctuating lines, utilizing a palette of colors reflecting the toxicity of a punished Earth. Four paintings are included. Two triptychs are executed on Yupo, the “green” synthetic paper she has expertly exploited for several years, and two large scale acrylic works on raw canvas, a surface she hasn’t used much since graduate school. All four works explore an interest in further exploding form and increasing scale in a way previously untouched. With these, Rosner has further defined her painterly and drafting abilities to intricately weave her imagery from graphite rubbings of wood grain and large fallen leaves with the pulsating rhythms of flowing blood and heartbeats.

All works © 2015, Alyse Rosner.