RWFA now represents Jeff Mermelstein

RWFA is very pleased to announce the exclusive representation of New York based photographer Jeff Mermelstein for print sales and exhibition. We will premiere photographs from two new bodies of work, Twirl and Run, at the AIPAD fair.

Jeff Mermelstein is a photographer's photographer. Schooled on the streets of New York in the instant reflex art of Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank and Garry Winogrand, Mermelstein expands upon that iconographic idiom by shooting exclusively in color. His pictures are populated by people captured for their own idiosyncrasies and humanity; for their own unique way of walking, talking, eating, working, drinking, celebrating and being. Relentless in his observations, Mermelstein's photographs challenge us by first appealing to our sense of identification in others who function with all the vagaries of complex human behavior. He, however, is as sharp and determined as a Ginsu knife. Where the people in the pictures suffer from all types of distractions, Mermelstein's clarity of purpose is undaunted. Probably no other photographer defines so clearly the New Yorkerness of the grand, odd and aged city's populace.

In Artforum, Glenn O'Brien wrote that Jeff Mermelstein is "one of the great snapshot artists of all time, right up there with Garry Winogrand, Elliott Erwitt, Burk Uzzle, and Lee Friedlander" (Artforum, December 2000). Mermelstein's bibliography includes the two monographs, SideWalk (Dewi Lewis Publishing 1999) and No Title Here (powerHouse Books 2003) with another in the works. His accomplishments include an Aaron Siskind Foundation Fellowship and The European Publishers Award for Photography, as well as frequent and numerous placement in magazines such as The New York Times MagazineThe New YorkerArtforum and DoubleTake. In addition to being an art and editorial photographer, he is on the faculty of The International Center of Photography and has taught at the School of Visual Arts graduate photography program. His work is in collections including The Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, The Buhl Collection, NYC, The International Center of Photography, and The JP Morgan Chase Art Collection.