Upcoming Exhibition: Laurie LAMBRECHT: China, 2009


September 20 – November 3, 2012

Rick Wester Fine Art opens the fall season with a survey of Laurie Lambrecht’s photographs from China created in 2009. Well known for her artists’ portrait studies, these Asian works are revelatory, but they shouldn’t be. Long attuned to landscape imagery, Ms. Lambrecht photographed at the edge of Lake Zurich, Switzerland, from 2004 to 2008 resulting in the autumnal Lake Trees, a series of images seemingly predicting the Asian work. The chance coincidence of the first comprehensive exhibition of paintings by Luo Ping at the Metropolitan Museum of Art that October led to an affinity with the painter’s sparse and graphically bold portrayal of space. China, 2009 is the result of a Western photographer’s lifelong devotion to nature and art and her distinct talent for melding history with her own eye. As intrepid a body of work as her extended portrait of Roy Lichtenstein from twenty years earlier, they retain the delicate descriptions of Lake Trees while being bold statements of form and color. China, 2009 further defines Ms. Lambrecht as an inventive imagemaker capable of reimagining the world through her own distinct vision.