Ima Mfon on the cover of The Guardian

Ima Mfon On The Cover Of The Guardian

In the beginning of the 21st century, we could count the number of diversified and professional photographers in Nigeria on our fingers. This number has seen some drastic improvement over the years and today, we now have a lot of photographers with different styles, and flourishing in different sectors of the field such as fashion, portrait, and conceptual photography, to mention but a few.
In all the beauty of photography these photographers put out, we would be appreciating all the time, thought, education and resources the conceptual photographer puts into making every project a piece of fine art. Conceptual photography is a type of photography that best illustrates an idea. An example in the earliest staged photographs is Hippolyte Bayard’s self-portrait as a Drowned Man (1840).
The names spotlighted would not be all the popular names in photography, but they would have your eyes nonetheless.

Who is Ima Mfon?

Ima is a Lagos based editorial and fine art photographer interested in exploring issues of social and cultural identity. He also spends his time in the U.S. where he received his undergraduate degree at the University of Texas and, later, a higher degree in digital photography at the School of Visual Arts, New York.


His critically acclaimed project, Nigerian Identity, was featured on CNN and prints from this series have been shown in several cities including Lagos, New York, San Francisco, Barcelona, and Milan. His project was also exhibited during Art Basel, at the Miami Pulse Art Fair (2015).

–Chidera Muoka, The Fine Art of Photography, 2016

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