David Taylor & Marcos Ramírez ERRE's DeLIMITations featured in the New York Times

DeLIMITations 12.jpg

The photographs are the most effective, with the obelisks shining like bizarre beacons in a range of peopleless settings like brush country, a riverbank or someone’s backyard among lawn ornaments. They monumentalize the transitory nature of a border, driving home its arbitrariness and bureaucracy. The pictures showcase a landscape whose recesses and vistas contain the invisible truths of history, and encourage us to go out in search of them. 

- Jillian Steinhauer

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Cassandra Zampini Featured in Collector Daily

From afar, many of these images are reduced to something like old school television static, with buzzing layers of black and white seeming to resolve into stripes, but then dissolving back into crackly noise. In others, Zampini has added a gradual gradient twist, starting with dark black, negative tonality images at the top, which then lighten and move to positive tonalities in the middle and then reverse the progression back to black at the bottom, almost like the slow undulation of a wave. In both cases, up close, the amazing diversity of humanity seems to be collapsed a bit, each of us looking largely like our neighbors and friends when placed in front of a mirror with our smartphones. At their core, her intricate composites find anonymous universality in large numbers of singular individuals.

- Loring Knoblauch

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