Upcoming Exhibition: Laurie Lambrecht

Upcoming Exhibition: Laurie Lambrecht

Rick Wester Fine Art is very pleased to announce Laurie Lambrecht in Roy Lichtenstein's Studio: The First and The Unseen, an exhibition of photographs created while the photographer worked as a studio assistant to the Pop Art master. Included are many of the first prints made of images featured in her soon to be released monograph, In Roy Lichtenstein's Studio (Monacelli, 2011). These are the prints she showed Lichtenstein during her tenure with him. Also shown are images not included in the book, which have never before been shown in public.

Sandi Haber Fifield reviewed in The New Yorker

Sandi Haber Fifield reviewed in The New Yorker

The color photographs that Haber Fifield took at American family farms in the past two years are ingratiatingly modest — much like the farms themselves, some of which don't appear to be much bigger than several suburban back yards. There are a few broad vistas of planted fields and orchards, but most of the pictures are closer looks at garden plots, greenhouse debris, and tools at the ready...

Jeff Mermelstein on The New Yorker's Blog

The New Yorker
Photo Booth Blog
May 26, 2011
Jeff Mermelstein: Street Couture
By Elissa Curtis

You can take Jeff Mermelstein out of the street, but you can't take the street out of Jeff Mermelstein. That's what comes to mind when looking at the photographs in Mermelstein's current exhibition, Work Oeuvre Opera, at Rick Wester Fine Art through June 25th. While the subject — Fashion Week — might seem a departure from the street photography most think of when they hear his name, it is merely an extension of the terrain in which Mermelstein espouses his witty and often wry style of photography. "I was able to create this work because I am an outsider," he told me. "These pictures are not about fashion but rather my way of seeing and responding."

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Upcoming Exhibition: Hail Traveler!

Hail Traveler!
The Photographer as Tourist, and the Tourist as Subject
July 7 - August 12, 2011

Being a tourist meant being an outsider, and inexperienced member of the public. Isolated from the commonplace world by tour buses and guides, the modern tourist is protected from foreign-ness, but in the old days we wanted to pass as natives, if only to avoid being overcharged by street vendors and taxi drivers."
— J.B. Jackson, The Necessity for Ruins

Inspired by the writings of the late J. B. Jackson, Hail Traveler! The Photographer as Tourist, and the Tourist as Subject at Rick Wester Fine Art features photographs focusing on the itinerant essence of photography. Works included speak to Jackson's definition by exposing the tourist that resides in every photographer, and the tourist as a perennial target for the lens.

J.B. Jackson (1909-1996), a professor of landscape theory at Harvard in the 1970's and 80's developed many concepts related to human interaction and the landscape during his tenure of teaching. One in particular was his approach towards the education of his students, stating in his essay, Learning about Landscapes, "I taught them how to be alert and enthusiastic tourists." Jackson believed tourism was largely the desire to know more about the world in order to know more about ourselves. His ideology parallels the careers of many photographers, and the concept of finding one's vision through the exploration of the unfamiliar.

The artists shown range in both age and technique. From Robert Adams to Michael Wolf, the show will encompass photographs by Richard Avedon, Jehsong Baak, Harry Callahan, Louis Faurer, Brad Farwell, Sandi Haber Fifield, Robert Frank, John Goodman, Sharon Harper, Sarah Hotchkiss, Laurie Lambrecht, Tony Maine, Lilly McElroy, Jeff Mermelstein, Dana Mueller, Bea Nettles, Jonathan Smith, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Garry Winogrand, and others.

Richard Avedon's Juan Patricio Lobato, Rocky Ford, Colorado, 8/23/80 from In the American West will be shown. Avedon travelled throughout the U.S. in search of the extraordinary subject among those sitters he met, rather than photograph the stereotypical view most American's had of the image of the West. In a completely different direction alongside Avedon's monumental portrait will be a video piece by Lilly McElroy titled "The Square - After Roberto Lopardo," a thirty minute video piece documenting a 2004 performance in Chicago. McElroy was contained in a square drawn on the sidewalk of a busy city street preventing passerby's from entering the space. She obstructs the outsider from inhabiting this "public" space, occupied daily by locals and tourists alike.

Highlights include work from Jonathan Smith's ongoing series, East/West, an exploration of America's coastlines. Work by emerging artist Brad Farwell, titled Fourth, The Tourists exposes the many tourists who flock to New York's Times Square everyday in search of that perfect snapshot. The timeless work by the likes of Louis Faurer, Robert Frank, Harry Callahan and Garry Winogrand will also be paired with the emerging viewpoints on display.

Upcoming Exhibition: Jeff Mermelstein

Jeff Mermelstein
Work Ouevre Opera
May 5 - June 25, 2011


Rick Wester Fine Art is pleased to announce our second exhibition featuring the work of renowned New York street photographer Jeff Mermelstein; and the first to feature his editorial work for the fashion industry. As one would expect from Mermelstein, this group of pictures is hardly based on beauty, society, style or runways but rather, it is part of the photographer's ongoing investigation into the collision of the camera, human behavior and street interaction. Mermelstein, in his inimitable way, creates photographs that simultaneously describe the surface of the world and the intricacies of picture making with a psychological complexity only a New York street-savvy photographer could accomplish.

The photographs on exhibit were taken on assignment for New York Magazine over a six-week period with a significant portfolio of images published in the Spring Fashion Issue (Feb. 21-28, 2011).

Mermelstein has combined commercial, editorial and fine art photography as well as teaching and lecturing for over two decades and is no stranger to the intersection of art and commerce. In this case, his pictures function smoothly in both realms, although the edit offered here reflects the photographer's own idiosyncratic vision.

Mermelstein followed the taste making elite from New York to Paris to Milan, photographing runway shows, behind the scenes and in the streets surrounding the intricate and often ostentatious presentations. Not in the category of paparazzi, he had privileged access to all of fashion's leading figures, from the designers to the models to the audience. In New York he photographed designers' collections from Calvin Klein to Proenza Schouler. The Parisian collections ranged from Chanel to Alexander McQueen and in Milan, from Gucci to Prada.

Here, Mermelstein is on a journey through a world that is often both idealized and criticized. Originally commissioned as editorial work, the images elicit an anthropological response only an outsider interested only in the discovery of rituals and costumes unavailable to others could describe. Mermelstein's attention is focused on the culture surrounding the fashion industry rather than the fashion itself. Despite any familiarity with his subjects, whether it's the avenues of Manhattan, his neighborhood in Brooklyn or backstage at Paris' Grand Palais, Mermelstein is consistently caught in foreign territory, resorting to what he does best, merging an intense streetwise sensibility with all its grittiness, humor, humanity and rough grace with the glossy, cosmetic world of fashion's facade.

The exhibition opens on May 5 and runs through June 25, 2011. Gallery hours are Tuesday-Friday, 10-6pm, and Saturday, 11-6pm. For further information and images, please contact Tracie Davis at +1 (212) 255-5560 or rwfa@rickwesterfineart.com.

Jeff Mermelstein in New York Magazine



Be sure not to miss the 20-page portfolio of Jeff Mermelstein's photographs in

The Spring Fashion Issue of New York magazine, on newsstands February 21-28, 2011.

Jeff Mermelstein, the quintessential New York street photographer, was hired by New York to capture fashion month in New York, Milan, and Paris by the newly appointed photo editor Jennifer Miller. Mermelstein gives us many new perspectives - as only he can - into the exclusive world of fashion in his commanding spread in this week's double issue. Be sure to check it out before it goes off the stands.