November 16 – January 12, 2013 (NOW EXTENDED THROUGH FEBRUARY 2, 2013)

Everyone has a camera today. Pencils and paper, once the tools used to jot down reminders and memories have been supplanted by the cellphone camera. Language is evolving from the written word to the impromptu snapshot. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook reach hundreds, thousands, millions, in a flash. The work of Paola Ferrario trades our conceit for the formal expectations of art photographs for a uniquely personal impression of the world.

Upcoming Exhibition: Laurie LAMBRECHT: China, 2009

September 20 – November 3, 2012

Rick Wester Fine Art opens the fall season with a survey of Laurie Lambrecht’s photographs from China created in 2009. Well known for her artists’ portrait studies, these Asian works are revelatory, but they shouldn’t be. Long attuned to landscape imagery, Ms. Lambrecht photographed at the edge of Lake Zurich, Switzerland, from 2004 to 2008 resulting in the autumnal Lake Trees, a series of images seemingly predicting the Asian work...

Joni Sternbach

Joni Sternbach

Kassia #5, (10.02.11), 2010

Rick Wester Fine Art is very pleased to announce our first exhibition of photographs by Joni Sternbach, selected from her series SurfLand, a project started in 2006 and punctuated by the PhotoLucida publication of the same name in 2009. SurfLand, Revisited, 2006-2011 is its first showing in New York City and brings together images from the monograph with more recent works...

Upcoming Exhibition: Christian Vogt

Rick Wester Fine Art is very pleased to announce the gallery's first exhibition of work by Christian Vogt, marking the Swiss photographer's return to New York after almost 25 years. Well known in his home country and throughout Europe, Vogt has had a successful career working as an editorial photographer and on commission. He forged his reputation in the 1970s and 80s with a reductive and elegant yet subversive approach to the formal aspects of photography.